A gateway to the green future

We are growing with customers for whom Renergy+ is key to  success. Collaborating with EIL  enables them to deliver solutions that produce profitable energy saving as well as optimize processes in the tissue paper production



We are the forerunners of new energy. We are all individuals with our own special experience, knowledge and expertise. Together we are Renergy+. We are experts at harnessing state-of-the-art technology, transforming energy and contributing to its efficient use. We’re professional, highly specialized and have an outstanding reputation from our cumulative experience and know-how.

 Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.

Dynamically different

At Renergy+, we are eager to be on the move, to stand out from the crowd, to take a fresh stance on what we believe to be the best approach to new energy consumption .

The Renergy+ moves faster and is more dynamic and agile than other players in the Tissue industry. We are curious, full of energy and determination. We don’t take slow for an answer. We continuously strive to discover and achieve something new and exciting. We actively challenge conventional models and networking is the resource that enables us to innovate with partners in a connected world.

 Care for environment

We are constantly mindful of the fragile balance between ecology and productivity. And this challenges us to put more effort into all we do.The maximum rationalization of the process, your energy and our experience guarantee a cleaner world and a substantial reduction in production costs of electrical energy by the hood thermal energy

We have a keen sense of higher purpose; to work towards something that needs a lot of faith and long-term belief. Giving back to the environment in an authentic way means giving back to others, also within our everyday environment at the workplace, for a truly renewable future based on new energy.

Exploring challenges

EIL and Renergy+ has a common passion to make a difference and we plan to stay that way. We’ve got an unshakable belief in the future.

We’re proud of our jobs – our professions at Renergy+ and of being a preferred supplier by our customers. Connectedness with each other gives us a sense of working in a professional family. And like all families, we support and inspire one another. Together, we boldly go where no man, or engineer, has gone before.