The concept

A gateway to the green future


The maximum rationalization of the process, your energy and our experience guarantee a cleaner world and a substantial reduction in production costs

Production of electrical energy by the hood thermal energy

A fully integrated production system that utilizes the exhaust fumes of an innovative gas-turbine within the drying cycle, controlled by sophisticated software and assisted by our staff, guarantees unprecedented savings.


Only One power sources for a tissue machine

One innovative gas Turbine ,single shaft and stady powered the tissue machine both thermal and electrical energy .High availability and great efficiency  make a winning combination to reduce the annual energy production cost .

The turbine supplies 9K/s at 580°C  of thermal energy ,by the control system trought a special boiler we sent the energy to the hood as operator request .

Exhausted air is sent to a mixer that blends and then converts to the special boiler to produce 4,5 Ton/h of steam at 15 Bar.

Thermal energy is sufficient for a production of 80 tons or more

Electrical production

While the turbine supplies thermal energy to the tissue machine it also produces 2mw of electricity to be connected in parallel to the distribution grid .

Operation of the Renergy+

The Renergy + system works in parallel with the traditional system, in case of turbine failure, the control system will produce thermal energy with conventional burners.

In this way there will be no interruption in the paper machine production