A gateway to the future

Renergy+ is a member of EIL srl estabilished in 2016.

Who is EIL

EIL was established in 1980 by a staff born in the paper industry, The fundamentals and the ethics of our company never changed over the years Supported by advanced software and a proven background gained through the many years of presence in the paper industry , we are able to propose viable and effective solutions starting from the planning stage. We are aware of the technological problems of the paper industry and we know the needs related to the electrical sector. our standards are among the highest qualified and are applied for both the provision of a single drive and for a complete “turnkey” system . The high technological content of our product, the efficiency of our implementation and an easy management, are the result of a careful and complete study of the project. All our implementation aims to be the most suitable for the environment on which it will run and for which it is developed by our staff.

EIL  and Renergy+

EIL founded a Renergy+ logo to support both companies’ strategic objectives and strengthen their international presence. Renergy+ will play a key role in EIL’s System energy saving division.

EIL provides a gateway for Renergy+ to sell our products to the highly potential tissue  market, internationals customers

Wider product portfolio

With EIL, we offer customers a wider product range, enhanced R&D,  engineering , sales resources and an international services team. Our product portfolios complement each other well with s tissue paper machine .

Together, we have now a firm foundation and the power boost needed to move forward on our fast-track path of advancing the world with an innovative energy saving system.